Watford’s coffee scene is both diverse and vibrant, catering to every type of coffee lover. With a wide variety of options, you can find the perfect spot for any occasion — whether you’re grabbing a quick coffee on your way to work, catching up with friends, or looking for a quiet place to work remotely.

Positioned in a prime location within the town, residents at The Clarendon will be within walking distance to some of our top picks.

  1. Bla Bla Café

The latest addition to Watford’s coffee scene is Bla Bla Café which opened this month and is conveniently located at The Clarendon Works – 140,000 sq ft of Grade A office space located on the same site as The Clarendon. Serving up delicious, creative food and, of course, an unbeatable selection of coffee, it is the perfect place to meet with friends, host work meetings or grab something to fuel your day.

  1. Ocean Bells Coffee

Located on Watford High Street, Ocean Bells Coffee is a beloved local gem known for its artisanal brews and warm, welcoming atmosphere. The family run café prides itself on using high-quality beans sourced from around the world. The café has a fantastic brunch menu with bagels, salad bowls and toasties, as well as a great selection of delicious home-made cakes and pastries. The newly refurbished interiors offer a welcoming atmosphere for individuals or groups of friends alike to enjoy a good cup of coffee.

  1. The LP Café

The LP Café offers a unique blend of music and coffee culture. Nestled in the heart of Watford, this quirky café doubles as a vinyl record store. The LP Café serves a variety of hot drink and pastries, all while you peruse their extensive vinyl collection. It’s a haven for music and coffee lovers alike, often hosting live music events and record release parties. Put by The LP Café themselves, “serving banging espresso & spinning the sound of Watford on vinyl”.

  1. Viento Coffee Company

Viento is an artisan coffee roaster located on St Albans Road. Viento takes coffee seriously, sourcing some of the tastiest coffee from around the world. The head roaster is in charge of carefully monitoring the roasting machines and the staff are always available to guide customers to find the right tools and techniques for the perfect cup of coffee. It’s a top spot for those who do not settle for any less than the best coffee.

  1. Simba Bru Coffee Roasters

Simba Bru Coffee Roasters stands out for its dedication to quality and sustainability. This independent coffee shop roasts its own beans, ensuring freshness and exceptional flavour in every cup. Simba Bru also offers coffee workshops and tastings, making it a must-visit for anyone looking to deepen their coffee knowledge.

  1. The Daily Grind

There are always new coffee shops popping up around Watford, and the Daily Grind is one of the most recent additions to the list. It is a modern café that has already become a favourite among locals. Known for its excellent customer service and top-notch coffee, The Daily Grind sources its beans from ethical and sustainable suppliers.

  1. d20 Board Game Café

Last on our list, is the d20 Board Game Café. This quirky spot combines the love of coffee with the fun of board games. It offers a wide selection of games to play – from childhood classics to the latest releases – while you sip on great coffee and delicious food. The friendly staff are always on hand to recommend games. It’s a fantastic place for families, friends, and anyone looking to try something different.